Samantha Akulick


DoorsThe Metaphysics Apprentice

Doors lead more than two places, apples and oranges are rather difficult to tell apart, and if you try to bake a cake with a pan one inch too large, you may end up walking home from the grocery store wearing only your socks. These are productive lessons that B has learned since starting college - or rather his metaphysics apprenticeship with the strange Professor Rowan.

Of course he should have seen it coming - with a name like Balthazar Morcant, how could he ever be anything but a warlock?

The story follows B - a college student who wants to do the bare minimum in school, pass, and maybe learn to paint - at least until he's offered a metaphysics apprenticeship and plunged into a world where anything is possible, few things are improbable, and he can become a warlock if he can separate the two.

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