Samantha Akulick

Q Fit Imagine Cup UX Challenge Winner, Innovation Path, 2014

An alien from another world has found refuge in your smartphone - and he wants to see the world! QFit is an application that sees you playing host to a virtual alien who wants to see the sun, your neighborhood, your friends - and whatever a lolcat might be. They give you quests to get to certain parts of town or complete specific activities to help them learn about earth or communicate with their virtual brethren - and as you complete those quests, you help keep them healthy and happy.

The fact that you get out of the house, walking around, exploring and trying new things is anything but coincidental.

Q Fit is an application concept designed for Microsoft's Imagine Cup Competition (Innovation Path) 2014/2015 - and the Winner of the Imagine Cup UX Challenge for the Innovation Path! Big thanks to Microsoft, Sheridan College, and our coach Magdin Stoica for the opportunity to design this app.

Also a big thanks to Susan Ibach of Microsoft who interviewed the team for the MSDN blog.

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