Samantha Akulick

Nerd Culture Tech in a World of Zombies

Nerd Culture is a game mod written in LUA for Project Zomboid - a zombie survival videogame by the IndieStone that I find is best expressed as 'The Sims' meets 'Zombie Survival'. The default setting of the game is around the early 90s, before the days of ubiquitous laptops and smartphones, in and around the small town of Muldraugh, KY. There's no evidence in this world that nerdy types existed, and after playing for a while, I found the setting a bit disconcerting (I mean really - other than tech, not much has changed in the 90's).

My solution - Nerd Culture! The mod adds rollable dice, laptops, battery packs, smartphones, DVDs, Manga, totally-not-Archie-Comics, ornamental swords, and other hallmarks of the nerd/geek community to the world.

The mod is available on Steam, and with over 5,000 subscribers on Steam.

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