Samantha Akulick


Who is this? Not a hard question - hi, I'm Samantha Akulick, better known as Scy (and pronounced like 'sigh'), a hobbyist web developer working on going pro. Currently enrolled in Sheridan College's Bachelor of Computer Science, learning all kinds of useful things and sharing them with the Internet via this handy website.

After spending three years on an Advanced Animation Diploma, my sense of design is inspired by many modern animated movies. I'm not afraid of colors, and I love design that's visually interesting without the text - but no less functional. The design of a website is as unique as the design of a character, and deserves more personality than a blank slate.

I've been coding since 2001, and I love the process of turning an idea into a fully functioning program on or offline. This portfolio site showcases my best work - which could be the most complicated projects, or the ones I'm most proud of - so enjoy.

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